For seminar information with Andy Kimura and/or Abe Santos please see the following:

  You can contact Andy Kimura for seminar information at
  Also you can contact Abe Santos for seminar information at



Seminar Guidelines


  1. Open seminars should be scheduled at least four months in advance to allow for maximum advertisement.
  2. Closed seminars can be scheduled with as little as one month's notice.
  3. All seminars are to be two days, preferrably Saturday and Sunday. The minimum time requirement is eight hours. The maximum time is twelve hours. Eight hours is good, ten hours is excellent and twelve hours is staring to push it just a little bit. About six hours per day is all that most students can handle.
  4. Seminar fee is to be paid in cash on the date of the seminar, if not before. Half of the fee pre-paid is preferred for foreign seminars.
  5. Cameras and video equipment will not be allowed.
  6. Everyone attending the seminar must pay in full at the door or in advance. No instruction is rendered without payment. Participants not intending to train must pay a one-half price spectator fee. A certain amount can be learned just by watching, so it is not fair for anyone to attend free.
  7. Seminar t-shirts can be available if they are pre-ordered by the sponsor. They sell for US$20.00 each, or three for US$50.00. Instructional videos are brought by request only and they sell at seminars for US$30.00 each, or four for US$100.00. Anything else that is to be sold at the seminar must be pre-approved by Andy Kimura.
  8. Any equipment that is necessary must be provided by the sponsor/promoter of the seminar.

Hot To Arrange:

  1. Contact for Details:
    Andy Kimura
    P.O. box 1864
    Woodinville, WA 98072
    US or at
  2. Make request for the desired seminar date by writing, calling or e-mailing. A call or email should be followed up with a formal request in writing. Have an alternate date planned in case your first choice is taken. Arrange the seminar date at least four months in advance, to allow time for promotion and advertisement.
  3. Confirm all arrangements and send the plane tickets at least two weeks in advance of the seminar date. For a weekend seminar (Saturday & Sunday), Andy Kimura's flight should depart Seattle Friday afternoon and arrive at its destination that evening. The return flight should depart the seminar location after 10 A.M. Monday morning.
  4. Make sure that participants are charged enough to adequately cover all expenses. The average seminar fee per participant is usually $50 - $60 per day, with slight discounts given to those who pay in advance for both days. Some seminar sponsors like to set it up where participants have to pay more if they pay at the door or after a specified early payment due date. This encourages advanced payment, which is extremely helpful to the sponsor/promoter. It is advised that participants are required to pay in cash. This helps in avoiding any unanticipated banking problems.
  5. Before its release, seminar advertising must be approved by Andy Kimura or his representative.

How To Cancel (Please Read Very Carefully.)

  1. Once a seminar has been scheduled, at least one month's notice is required to cancel it.
  2. If you cancel a seminar, there is a 50% cancellation fee (50% of the seminar fee) which is to be paid in full immediately upon cancellation.